Finger Lake Wilderness Resort

The quieter you become the more you can hear
Your Base Camp in the Heart of Moose Hunting Country in BC This big fellow is in rut...  did you call for him?

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LEH & Open Bull MUsThe Resort is located in Management Unit (MU) 7-11 Omenica Region 7A a short distance from the junction of MU7-11, 7-12, 6-1 and 5-13. The resort is near MU 6-4. 

This offers our guest hunters a wide variety of areas to hunt.  A central secure location for your Base Camp.  Cabin reservations go quickly for the hunting season because Hunters are a committed bunch and plan very early.  Most would like to leave now.

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Therefore avoid disappointment email us right now, leave a message on our toll free line or call us directly at the resort.  Accommodations are limited in this area of prime hunting (see stats).
A reservation is a commitment for the length of your booking.   Moose, mule deer and black bear are plentiful through the region with new logging roads created each year increasing access to new areas.

Nothing tells the story like a picture.
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Hunting Photo Gallery 1
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Click on Links Below two Knots every Hunter needs to Know
Animated - Bowline, Best Knot to learn, easy to untie   Animated - Bowline, Best Knot to learn 

The most skillful moose hunters learn the art of moose calling.
Click on the links below to hear a variety of moose grunts.
Moose Grunt 1
Moose Grunt 2
Moose Grunt 3
Moose Grunt 4

Be sure to sight your gun in before the hunt.   

If you are interested in detail hunting stats for the previous years click on the links below.
Current Stats are now a download PDF file showing more detail such as Moon Phase
and comparison to GPS suggested best time to hunt.

Hanging Around Finger Lake
alias The Harvest Board
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Game Stats 2010 Hunting Season
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Game Stats 2006 Hunting Season

Please e-mail any corrections or pictures.

Remember BRAS - Breathe, Relax, Aim, & Squeeze the trigger.    
Hunting Statistics from Previous Years
2005 Season
2004 Season
2003 Season
2002 Season
2001 Season
2000 Season

OK smartie, How many spikes do I have ?

Better Him Up the Tree - THAN YOURemember your not the Only One Hunting - Wolf Tracks & Man's Hand

Be sure to sight your gun in before the hunt.   

LEH & Open Bull MUs
7-11 Bull Moose 2004 Stefano Passaglia
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Hanging poles are provided and assistance when required to get your game from the field to the locker.

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Numerous logging roads provide access to the back country. Or rent a boat and cruise 20 miles of Finger Lake shoreline where game trails are welcome site. (The resort has the only access to the lake.) 

Are you looking for Moose looking for you. Verify all hunting regulations
Current Hunting Regulations.

Hunting camps in undesignated areas can expect visitors for dinner.

Hunting Season Booking Policy

September - October bookings are on a Pay for what you Book basis.
No refund for early departures.

25% Down payment at Time of Booking
25% Down payment Due August 1st
Remaining due on arrival
All pre-payments are estimated
All pre-payments are non-refundable
Bookings after August 1st require a 50% down payment
All pre-payments are by credit card
Large Cabins - Minimum Charge 4 adults/night
Large Cottage - Minimum Charge 6 adults/night

General Store - Gas & Diesel On sight.

Sighting in Cross Bow Click here for Short video
Hunting Bull Moose with a Bow
can be very EXCITING !
Click here for Wildlife drama video
with a happy ending ..Promise
Wildlife drama with a Happy ending.

Coming at YOU !Loaded logging trucks rule the road and have the right of way.  Fortunately the majority of the road systems have frequent Pull-Outs for you to get off the road safely.  Some hunters have their vehicles equipped with a VHF radio or short wave radio to monitor the road channels they travel.  All loaded vehicles are required to Call Out at what kilometer they are at.   

To rent a VHF Radio for the duration of your hunt contact Ken & Merna Holden at Faitron Communications in Vanderhoof, Phone number 250-567-3339 or email

How to sight in your Rifle Scope - Site 1

You will need targets to sight your rifle in.   Click on the target below, to download and print a variety target patterns.
Download & print your own targets

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