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Cozy lakeside log cabin and cottage rentals, RV Camping, boat rentals, fishing for rainbow trout and kokanee.

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Catch of the Day - Click to enlarge for High Definition Finger Lake Pelicans - Click to enlarge for High Definition Ben's First Fish - Click to enlarge for High Definition Immature Bull Moose in west meadow by Resort  - Click to enlarge for High Definition Nice 2 Pounder - Click to enlarge for High Definition Finger Lake Eagles with eaglets - Click to enlarge for High Definition Weighted in at 3.7 pounds - Click to enlarge for High Definition
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Finger Lake Wilderness Resort is one hour south of Vanderhoof, BC, Canada and two hours from Prince George.  This pet friendly wilderness resort is opened year around and is the only access to the 9km long Finger Lake.  There maybe no one else on the lake except you and the loons.  The resort offers camping, cabins, RV sites, freshwater fishing, hunting, canoeing, bird watching and wildlife viewing.  We now offer FREE Wi-Fi Internet.  The chances of spotting bear, moose, wolverine, lynx, mule deer and other wild life along the 20 miles of lake shore are excellent.   The sportsfishing enthusiasts will enjoy the many rainbow trout and kokanee in the lake.  For the adventurous there is hiking at three local waterfalls.  Finger Lake Resort is the #1 destination for your family vacation, wedding, honeymoon or family reunion.   Once at the resort, the hustle and bustle of the world will be just a distant memory..

Kids can catch fish off the dock all day.  Yes we sell worms.
Canadian Geese see thousands migrating in fall.
Click on Goose &   Make Him Honk!
Finger Lake is located in Finger - Tatuk Provincial Park/Protected Area
Rustic Log Cabins over look the Lake with fire pits. Accommodations
We offer four rustic, lakeside, log cabins and one large cottage as well as camping and RV sites.  Each cabin has an airtight wood stove, propane stove and fridge.  These housekeeping cabins are supplied with pots, pans, dishes and all kitchenware.   The two larger cabins sleep six people and the smaller cabins accommodate three people perfect for a family vacation.   The small cabins are ideal for honeymoon getaways.   One cabin is wheel chair accessible.  The large cottage sleeps ten.  You will find a propane barbecue at each cabin.   There is free firewood and free hot showers.  The resort is ideal for your family reunion.
Experience high catch frequency.  Kids are not bored fishing.Camping            
RV, Motorhome, Camper & Tent campgroundChoose from twelve RV sites within the campground suitable for RVs, trailers, campers and tents.   You can choose a pull throughs for long 5th wheels and motor homes.   All campsites have access to free firewood and a hot shower is provided at no extra charge.  Limited 24 hour power is optional.
One of our guests videoed 11 moose in the bay at the east end of the lake.  See wildlife videos. Rentals
Aluminum boats with outboard motors, row boats, and canoes are available at very reasonable rates.  

Bring your ATVs, it is a fun way to go fishing for rainbow trout in the remote lakes as well wildlife viewing of bears, moose and mule deer.

Speaking of wildlife click on Moose picture below. Pictures were taken from window in General Store.
Finger Lake wild rainbow trout. The Lake has never required re-stocking.
Click on Pics below
for wildlife video links
Finger Lake. Incredible video of Osprey fishing

As Resorts owners we have come to recognize one of the most entertaining areas at the resort is the boat launch and dock area.
We are fortunate most of the cabins and RV sites have a good view of this area.
When I came across this great collection of fishing bloopers videos produced by Bill Dance I had the share them with you.
It's always good to laugh!
Good viewing for all ages.
Fishing Blooper Videos
A few scenes are duplicate but still a good for the soul!

Rainbows to four pounds. Kids of all ages - Catch Fish at Finger Lake Resort Excellent fishing for rainbow trout and kokanee.  Spin cast, troll or go flyfishing for wild rainbow trout to 5 pounds, kokanee salmon, and a very high catch frequency of tastie pan frys to 2 pounds.   Need fishing tackle?  Our store carries a large assortment of flys and fishing tackle to catch that monster trophy trout.  No boat?  We have boat rentals with motors, canoes, and row boats.   Kids even catch fish from our paddle boat or while canoeing.  Make Finger Lake your Base Camp to fish the surrounding Lakes - Arthur, Tatuk, Lavoie, Secord, Glutien, Dutien, Knewstubb, Hobson, Chief Grey (Bitch), Citcuta (Rum Cache), Lucas, Chutanli, Kuyakuz and the head waters of the Nechako Rivers at Cheslatta falls.   Hiking trails lead to some of these waters or ride your ATV.   A lake a day the length of your stay.

         STOP wishin' and Come FISHIN'

Fishing Tackle, flies for flyfishing, bait, rod, lines and rod rentals Kokanee to two pounds.General Store

At the store, you will find camping, fishing and hunting supplies.  We rent fishing rods.  All the popular flies, fresh bait & fishing tackle to hook the big one for avid fisherman.  
Pick up your copy of Backroads Mapbook. Ice, ice cream bars, canned goods, candy bars, bottle water, pop and numerous souvenirs to remember your trip are also available.  

Gasoline and diesel are also available.
If you forgot to bring it, you probably can find it on the shelf.
Great selection of perfected flies to catch fish specifically for local lakes.

"There will be days when the fishing is better than one's most optimistic forecast, others when it is far worse.   Either is a gain over just staying home."
Quote from Fisherman's Spring by Roderick Haig-Brown.

Rocks from the 20 miles of Finger Lake shoreline.

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Rocks from the 20 miles of Finger Lake shoreline.

Drive to - Hiking Trails in the Area

Cheslatta Falls   View a picture of the Falls
A spectacular hike along forested ridges hit by forest fire in 2004 overlooking Cheslatta River.  The trail follows the traditional route of the Carrier Natives who used this area as a fishing site and as a location for several small villages.  Circular pit depressions from semi underground winter lodges are evident near the return loop trail.   Approximate one way distance is 1.2 Km.  

Cutoff Butte
A steep 1.3 Km hike with spectacular views of local mountains from this ancient volcanic landmark.  

Gluten / Dueten and Secord Lake
A hiking trail to Zippermouth (Secord) and Gluten and Duten Lakes,   A nice day trip fishing trip. Approxiamate one way distance to Secord 2 Km. and to Gluten 6 Km.

Greer Creek Falls   View a picture of the Falls
A pleasant afternoon hike to a pretty 7m waterfall between lichen-covered rock walls.   A great place for a dip in the summer heat into refreshing spring waters.  Approximate one way distance is 1.7 Km.

Home Lake
A good day hike and picnic at Home lake Cabin with a side trail to Little Home Lake.  Approximate one way distance is 6 Km.

Johnson Jenyo Lakes
A hiking trail to a rustic campsite on Johnson Lake   Approximate one way distance is 4.5 Km.  Also a side trail to small Jenyo Lake whose Carrier name means " bull moose ".

Scariest Hike in the World
Originally built in 1901, this walkway now serves as an aproach to Makinodromo, the famous climbing sector of El Chorro in Spain's Andalucia.
No where near Finger Lake but worth watching this You-Tube video.

Rocks from the 20 miles of Finger Lake shoreline.

 Suggestions on what not to forget:  

  Cameras -Still & Video, field glasses, pillows, sleeping bags, fishing, hiking gear, flash light, warm jacket, a towel for the shower, groceries, and of course beverages.  And for the hunters, please remember your hunting license, LEH papers, Tags and yes your gun and ammo.   Don't laugh it happens every year.

Suggestions on what to leave at home:

  Fireworks, jet skis/ personal water crafts, powerful ski boats for tubing, and your loud music/ghetto blasters.   And also your Pitt-bull Terrior or any dog which has been crossed with one.

Rocks from the 20 miles of Finger Lake shoreline.

Almost 70% of North American eagles nest in British Columbia.

Numerous Eagles nest along the 20 miles of the shoreline of Finger Lake   You too can feed trout to Igor the resident Eagle behind your boat. -  Picture taken by guest.
" Each year a Bald Eagle couple will renew their life-long commitment in a courtship flight.  The pair engage in a crescendo of airborne acrobatics.   At the finale of this dance, they lock talons and, intensely mesmerized by each other, share a dazzling and daring free fall from the sky.  For hundreds of feet they tumble together at incredible speeds and then.... just before they reach the surface of the water below, they create magic, opening their wings and break away.  The courtship flight is at an end.  The vows are renewed, and life together will continue. "

Quote by... Mario Fernandez
Eagle Courtship Flight has been sighted by campers at Finger Lake Resort.
Great wild rainbow trout fishing and wildlife viewing.
Be sure to view the New Photo Gallery found on the Left Sidebar.
You want to see Moose,  check out Wildlife Videos on Left Side Bar Picture of Proud Buck taken along logging road, NW of Lake.  --Bring a long lens to capture scenic wildlife shots.
Click on above picture to learn many interesting facts on Moose Biology
Making it look easy.   Check out the tailing loop, come on guys get out there and practice. --  Photo by Gerald Freisen of wife Francis Freisen.

Good clean wholesome fun, fresh air, exercise, and dreamless health giving sleep.

More - Rocks from the 20 miles of Finger Lake shoreline.  There is lots of them.

Kokanee, land locked salmon to 2 pounds.        Kokanee, land locked salmon to 2 pounds.

Map & Directions
On How To Find Finger Lake
Learn where in in the world is Finger Lake and How do I get There.
Click on BC Map

Take your exam Now.

Animated - Bowline, Best Knot to learn, easy to untie   Animated - Bowline, Best Knot to learn 
     Fish Hook Removal Procedure! All Fisherman should read!

Depth Maps of Popular Fishing Lakes in the area.

Bathymetric Maps
Finger Lake    West End   East End
So you want to fish Chief Gray
(Bitch) Lake - a Fish Story

What is meant by " Lake Turnover " ?
How and why do lakes do this in autumn and spring?

The key to this question is how water density varies with water temperature.  Water is most dense (heaviest) at 39º F (4º C) and as temperature increases or decreases from 39º F, it becomes increasingly less dense (lighter).  In summer and winter, lakes are maintained by climate in what is called a stratified condition.  Less dense water is at the surface and more dense water is near the bottom.
During late summer and autumn, air temperatures cool the surface water causing its density to increase.  The heavier water sinks, forcing the lighter, less dense water to the surface.  This continues until the water temperature at all depths reaches approximately 39º F.  Because there is very little difference in density at this stage, the waters are easily mixed by the wind.  The sinking action and mixing of the water by the wind results in the exchange of surface and bottom waters which is called " turnover. "   During spring, the process reverses itself.  This time ice melts, and surface waters warm and sink until the water temperature at all depths reaches approximately 39º F.  The sinking combined with wind mixing causes spring "turnover."
This describes the general principle; however, other factors (including climate and lake depth variations) can cause certain lakes to act differently. 

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