Finger Lake Wilderness Resort
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I hope the fish don't bother us.
Boat & Motor Rentals

Aluminum boats with motors are available to rent by the hour, day or on a weekly basis.  Gas & life jackets are included with rentals.  There is lucrative fishing off the dock for kids. The current record is a 3 pound trout caught by a six year old off the dock and a 5 pounder just past the narrows.  A boat and motor is recommended to fully appreciate this pristine wilderness.  Where as many as 10 mule deer sightings have been spotted during a week-end of fishing.  July and August is the best time to get photos of the pelicans.  Some of the 20 miles of shore line has swampy bays where you can spot moose foraging for tender lily pads. Even though the lake is 877 hectares, you are never far from a shore lines because of the four islands that split the center yielding shelter from the breeze and more shoals to fish for the big one.
Gallery of Successful Anglers

Canoes and Row Boats

Canoes and row boats are also available. Finger Creek which drains into Finger Lake on the west is a 2 kilometer waterway ideal for canoeing. The creek meanders through a marshy area that is the home to many ducks, red winged black birds, wood ducks, king fishers and eagles nests not to mention beavers, muskrats, otters, mink and moose. Holy smokes bring your camera and field glasses.

Bring your own boat

You are welcome to bring your own boat and equipment. There is plenty of room to park your boat trailer and we have an excellent boat launch. The largest vessel to date has been a 27 foot jet boat with a 460 motor capable of carry 30 passengers. There is a $10.00 CDN$ dollar boat launch fee for those guests that are not staying the night. This fee is included with cabin & campsite accommodation. 

ATV enthusists welcome, bring your own or rent ours.
Bring your ATVs.

You are also welcome to bring your own All Terrain Vehicle.  There are numerous roads and trails south of the resort on Gold Road for the adventuresome. ATVs are to be used to enter and exit the resort only between 9 AM & 9 PM so as not to disturb the other guests and are required to be parked by the office when not in use. 

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