Finger Lake Wilderness Resort
I'm stressed out, Too! Your Pets Need a Holiday As Well  ! I promise not to bark.

Pet Policy

Pets have to get away from the city just like you.

Your dog can't wait to get to pet friendly Finger lake Resort
How do you tell if your cats a male?
How do you tell if your cat's a male?

Your pets are welcome at Finger Lake, after all they deserve a holiday too.  The fresh air will do them as much good as it will you.  When calling for your reservation please specify the breed of your dog.  Be sure to bring their leash as well as bowls.  The sound of a barking dog, can be a nuisance.  We do ask to ensure that they do not disturb the other guests and that you pick up after them.  Barking dogs are not to be left alone. If your dog sleeps on the bed, we ask that you bring their own blanket.

Breed restriction: No Pit Bulls or any relation to one.

Dogs get Stressed out Too

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