Game Stats 2000 Hunting Season
Hanging Around Finger Lake
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Sept 13
AMMule Deer Buck 2x27-11Kevin Bailey   Sept. 10th - Nov. 20th.   4+ Pts in Nov.
" AMImmature Moose 2x37-11Kevin Bailey   
Sept 14AMImmature Moose LEH 2x26-1Gordie Heal   
Sept 156:30pmBear - Boar Medium7-11Henry Geraedts4-Bucks
Sept 17AMBull Moose LEH 5x56-1Ken Koftinoff   Black Bear MU 7-11,7-12,6-1,6-4,5-13,  Spring & Fall
" AMBull Moose LEH 6x75-13Boon Family
Sept 18AMBull Moose LEH 6x67-11Luc Thomas
" 8:00amMule Deer Buck 2x26-1Cory Muir
Sept 229:00amMule Deer Buck 2x37-11Wayne Koftinoff   Calves LEH or Open Oct 10th - Oct 25th MU 7-11 & 7-12   Cows LEH 7-11 & 7-12 Oct 10th-25th.
Sept 256:30pmBull Moose LEH 7x77-11Ron Nicholls
Sept 267:00amBull Moose LEH 3x37-11Dave Billesberger
" AMBear - Boar Big7-11Amanda Drake   
Oct 2nd1:00pmBull Moose LEH 3x37-12Annie Prendergast   
Oct 3rd3:00pmBull Moose LEH 7x77-11Greg Burns   
Oct 114:45pmCow Moose LEH  7-11Brian Hargraves   Mature Bulls-LEH in 7-11 & 7-12 & 6-1 except Oct 20th-26th   Immature Bulls LEH or Open 7-11, & 7-12, 6-1, 6-4
" 4:45pmCalf Moose  7-11Ed Nicholles   
Oct 12PMCalf Moose  7-12Jerry Galbraith
Ken Fowler
Oct 1311:00amMule Deer Buck 2x27-11Rick Thompson   
Oct 147:20amCow Moose LEH  7-11Pat Aongo
Oct 21
12:45pmBull Moose 9x96-1Wayne Koftinoff   

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