Game Stats 2001 Hunting Season
Hanging Around Finger Lake
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Sept 12
7 PMBull Moose LEH 5x47-11Ralph Lange   Sept. 10th - Nov. 20th.   4+ Pts in Nov.
Sept 13 11 AM Bear - Boar Medium7-11Doug Harris  
Sept 147:45 PMImmature Moose 2x37-11 Glenn Hamilton   
Sept 15 7 AM Immature Moose 2x1 7-11 Jason Alexander    2-Bucks
Sept 16-20 Any Time30 DucksIf you like Ducks, you will find them @ 7-11 wet lands.   7-11 Bower/Lewis    Black Bear MU 7-11,7-12,6-1,6-4,5-13,  Spring & Fall
Sept 24 7:30 AM Mule Deer Buck 2x2 7-11 Darrell Black   
Oct. 1st5:30 PM White Tail BuckMore frequently spotted - Infrequently taken. 2x27-12Jeff Martin   
Oct. 4th10:30AMBull Moose LEH 6x77-11Lee
" 10 AMBull Moose LEH 3x37-11Dave Hooper   Calves LEH or Open Oct 10th - Oct 25th MU 7-11 & 7-12   Cows LEH 7-11 & 7-12 Oct 10th-25th.
Oct. 7th8 AMImmature Moose  7-11Tom Clement
Oct. 10th7:30AM Cow Moose LEH  7-11Danny Lavoie   
Oct. 12th9:30 AMCalf Moose  7-11Rick Thompson   
Oct. 14th11 AMBull Moose LEH 5x37-11Wayne Koftinoff   
Oct. 17th8 AMCalf Moose  7-11Nick Arrotta   
Oct. 21st9 AMCalf Moose  7-11Lars Sjoblom   Mature Bulls-LEH in 7-11 & 7-12 & (6-1 6-4 except Oct 20th-26th)   Immature Bulls LEH or Open 7-11, & 7-12, 6-1, 6-4, 5-13
Oct. 25th4:30 PMCalf Moose  7-11Jennifer Gray   
Oct. 26th8 AMBull Moose 5x46-1John Grimard Family   
Oct. 30th
1:25 PMImmature Moose 2x37-11Steve Jordan   

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